What do we do?

Nielan Translation

Nielan Translation provides a full range of services related to language needs, including professional translations, content editing, and proofreading.
Our team of experienced translators offers high quality documents in a wide
range of languages and topics.

In our website you will also find valuable information about communication resources and language courses. Whether you are trying to save time and
money or thinking about studying a language abroad, we can provide you
with useful resources.

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What does translation mean?

Translation is an art, and a science.

In order to be a good translator, the person needs both knowledge and feeling. Translating is not just replacing words from the source language with those
of the target language. When a translator needs to communicate a message,
he must have both a thorough knowledge of the source and the target languages, and a good understanding of the cultural aspects that affect the way the message is understood.

And that is exactly what we offer you:

A group of professional translators with a vast knowledge of the source language and who translate to their mother tongue, which they simply master.
That is why we provide you with translations and adaptations that will be perfectly understood by the receiver of the message. We also use all available translation resources, such as computer-assisted translation and terminology databases.

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